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Multi-Cam Ceremony

We capture your entire ceremony, from beginning to end, with multiple cameras and a live audio feed. This allows us to capture the best experience possible.

We understand cameras sometimes can make people feel uncomfortable. During your wedding, it is our ultimate priority not to distract your friends and family from the main event.

Wedding Highlight Film

This is what we're known for! Our goal since day one has been to present each wedding day we capture with unique story-telling and strong cinematography. The Wedding Highlight Film can be fast and fun, or touching and romantic. This edit will usually run 2 to 4 minutes in length, accompanied by royalty free music. We usually reserve the right the choose the music but we always ask which genres are your favorites! Click here to browse our previous work.

Reception Essentials

This option ensures you don't miss a single moment! In the Reception Essentials, we assemble the entrance, the speeches, the cake cutting, dancing, and more. We split up each moment into chapters on a Blu-ray, DVD, or a digital format.

  • Optional: Often times we're asked to interview guests at the reception and it has turned out to be a priceless addition to the Reception Essentials. If you are interested in guest interviews, please note this in the contract upon booking our services.

The Love Story

What better way to understand your love than by getting the scoop straight from the source? Prior to your wedding day, we will meet up and sit down with you capture your story— in your own words. We will rattle off a series of questions for you to answer together as well as solo questions for each of you about your significant other. This is a fun activity and will also allow us access to even more audio/visual content to use when producing your wedding videos.

  • Present at your reception — If you'd like, we can bring a projector and show The Love Story video to the guests at your reception
  • Share online with your friends — We will send you the video for you to share online with your friends and family


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In order to acheive the best look, we plan and prepare multiple cinematic elements including lighting, high-quality audio recording, story-boarding, and many others. It is in your best interest to ask what you can do to help us attain the highest quality images of your wedding day.

**We are licensed and insured commercial drone pilots. This means we are required to pay close attention and avoid breaking any laws or regulations concerning unmanned aircraft systems. We must plan accordingly by checking to make sure we won't be flying in protected airspace and paying attention to the weather. In the case of your wedding taking place somewhere inside a protected airspace, as licensed UAS pilots we have the ability to apply for special permission waivers so that we are able to fly in these areas. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about bad weather and will not fly in any conditions which are not suitable to do so.

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