Biniyam + Bria's Story

Bria and Biniyam’s story began like one in a fairytale, they met in Ethiopia while Bria was doing mission work. Biniyam was an emcee at the hotel where they met. There was an instant connection upon their first dance.

While they got married in Ethiopia, the couple promised to have an America wedding to share their love with family and friends. In the meantime, they served and shared the gospel with the people of Korah through an organization called Brook Hills Development Organization. Their strong faith and love for each other prepared them for the trials that were to come in this love story.

Shortly after finding out she was pregnant, Bria took a trip to the U.S to find out her baby had a serious medical condition that prevented her from traveling back to Ethiopia. Despite their best efforts, it was very difficult to grant Biniyam long term access to the United States as he is not a citizen. By the glory of God’s timing, Biniyam was finally allowed access and arrived just three days before their new son, Simon, was born. Biniyam was granted a year on humanitarian parole, two months of which were spent in the NICU with Simon. If Biniyam was granted access to the United States when he first tried, he would have only been granted six months in the U.S, leaving Bria to care for Simon alone. As Simon continued grow healthier, the couple finally had the chance to plan their American, fairytale wedding.

On July 29th, 2017, the special couple celebrated more than just nuptials. This dance, choreographed by Biniyam is a testimony about trust, love and God’s timing.